Thriller Crypto

Thriller Crypto has been home to Car Gonzalez passionate independent media-project on bitcoin, crypto for over 4 years. With over 450 episodes Car Gonzalez has been releasing bitcoin & crypto podcasts to his listeners by delivering an ad-free, no-shilling experience, with total and complete transparency, up-front honesty and expert opinions on the entire industry.

Car dives regularly into all the latest trends and projects you need to know about. He gives careful insights and analysis on all the latest developments in the bitcoin & crypto industry. He provides around the clock coverage of all the major bitcoin & crypto conferences around the globe. He interviews some of the biggest names in the industry and offers level headed thinking on all the latest news. He gathers all the information you would need to stay ahead of the curve on your investments. There is no better podcast to provide all the analysis and information you would need to better understand the industry than— Thriller Crypto by Car Gonzalez.