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Thriller Crypto - S3EP 07: Inside Protocol | Bitcoin

Episode Summary

Since its inception in 2009, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been running without major setbacks thus far, depended entirely on its correctness and stability on a combination of cryptography, distributed systems, distributed algorithms, and incentive driven behavior. We go Inside Protocol and examine Bitcoin. Thriller Crypto Subscription:

Episode Notes

• The ‘Vault’ Is Back
• Blockstream Mining
• Robinhood Wins License to Operate in UK
• Malaysian electricity utility raids bitcoin miners

Interesting Video of the Day:
Murad Mahmudov | DCR Investment Thesis

Coin Talk:
Car discusses Binance and the Bitcoin run to 12K

Main Topic: Inside Protocol | Bitcoin
Sources: Peter Todd, Andreas Antonopolous, Dr. Adam Back, Satoshi Nakamoto, Princeton University

Music by: Time Zone, CHVRCHES

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